Don't Replace. Reroof.

Trust your reroof to a veteran-owned company in Mansfield, TX

Does your roof need a replacement, but you're not ready to tear it out and start over? Let the team at Core 4 Contractors reroof your home or business. The process involves removing the damaged shingles, making sure the deck is totally intact and placing a new layer of shingles over the old. This can only be done once, but it's a great option for extending the life of your roof.

Get a like-new roof today with reroofing service in Mansfield, TX.

The benefits of reroofing

The benefits of reroofing

If you're considering replacing your roof, the experts at Core 4 Contractors suggest you consider a reroofing first. Here are some reasons to consider a reroof instead of a new roof:

  • It will increase your property value.
  • It will reduce or prevent repairs and maintenance costs.
  • It prevents minor roofing issues from developing into big problems.
  • It will improve aesthetics.
    It will prevent water leaks.
  • It will save energy.

There are so many reasons to choose to reroof your home. The veterans at Core 4 Contractors are standing by to help you. We offer reroof services in Mansfield, TX and the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.